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Ends Tour to Aid Reich Exiles

to the upbuilding of these great progressive communities.”


The Commissioner admitted that a rising tide of Fascism is a handicap to the culmination of his colonization projects but he believes that it will, in due time, be overcome. He stated that with the return this month of his colleague, Dr. Samuel Guy Inman, from Central America and Mexico that the possibilities of immigration will have been investigated in fifteen Latin-American countries.

Mr. McDonald was pleased with the “marked cordialty” with which Dr. Inman and he had been received by governmental authorities everywhere. This, he ascribed in part, “because of the personal regard felt for Dr. Inman by leaders in all of the countries of the South, and in part to the fact that most informed Latin-Americans to whom racism is incomprehensible, look upon the refugees from Germany as they would upon the victims of a catastrophe in nature—an earthquake or a flood.”