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Reich Court Refuses to Allow ‘aryan’ to Take Jewess As Wife

The court at Wetzlar, near Frankfurt-am-Main, yesterday upheld the decision of the registrar in a local village who refused to issue a marriage licence ### an “Aryan” and a Jewess.

The registrar had refused to publish the marriage bans stating that he would not aid in the corruption of German blood by allowing intermarriage with Jews. As a good Nazi, he said, he could not permit such a marriage to take place.

The “Aryan” bridgroom-to-be appealed to the court against this decision and pointed out that there is no law in Germany prohibiting such a marriage.

The court, however, held that an act is not permissable simply because there is no law prohibiting it. It therefore ruled that, although the would-be bridegroom might be correct legally, the registrar had done well in refusing to issue the marriage licence, stating that “the mixture of German blood with alien blood must be avoided.”