Anti – Hitler Leaflet Circulated in Reich
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Anti – Hitler Leaflet Circulated in Reich

A leaflet surreptitiously distributed in Germany is described by a reader in a letter to the editor of the News-Chronicle here.

“When I was in Passau railway station, a leaflet was surreptitiously put into my hand,” he writes. “On one side were two quotations from speeches made by Hitler, the first in 1933—

” ‘Germans give us four years and then judge for yourselves.’

“And the second in May of this year—

” ‘No colonies, no raw materials, no capital, no foreign credits, only heavy burdens, sacrifice, taxes and little recompense.’

“There followed question marks—’What will Hitler say in 1937?’

“On the other side was depicted a blindfolded donkey—the worker—with the words: ‘Are you still for the NSDAP?”