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Predict Accord on Shechita

The establishment of special slaughter-houses for kosher meat in Poland is predicted today in the Polish press, as a result of the growing anti-Shechita movement in the country.

The Polish press adds, however, that the slaughtering of kosher meats in the general slaughter-houses will be prohibited.

This compromise measure to segregate Jewish ritual slaughtering into special abattoirs, it is believed by the government, may serve to pacify the Jewish resentment against anti-Shechita laws, and may at the same time also satisfy those elements in the country which would like to see Shechita prohibited.

The fight for the prohibition of Shechita in Poland has assumed such serious proportions that the Association of Rabbis was compelled to send a special delegation to the government, to emphasize that the more than three million Jews in the country will consider it a grave violation of their religious rights if Shechita is prohibited.