‘aryan’ Law Proves Boomerang; Hitler Aide’s Relative out of Job
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‘aryan’ Law Proves Boomerang; Hitler Aide’s Relative out of Job

At least one important Nazi has had a boomerang experience with Nazi race laws and non-Nazi circles in Berlin are still chuckling over the incident.

Herr Arthur Greiser, Hitler’s devoted lieutenant in the free city of Danzig and president of the Danzig Senate, has a Jewish brother-in-law, Dr. Kochmann, living in Germany. Dr. Kochmann, unable to claim the privileges of a front-fighter, was recently deprived of his panel practice. His wife appealed to her brother, Greiser, to help them, but Greiser was unable to get the order rescinded, according to the Praha press.

Dr. Kochmann and Mrs. Koch-man, nee Greiser, are now en route to Shanghai, where they hope neither the “Aryan” race-laws nor membership in the family of a prominent Nazi will interfere with their means of livelihood.

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