Jewish State Party Opposes Weizmann
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Jewish State Party Opposes Weizmann

Opposition to Dr. Weizmann was also voiced by Dr. Rosenbloom of the Jewish State Party, a right wing group, which declared that it would vote against Dr. Weizmann because at the 1931 congress he declared that Palestine cannot become a Jewish state.

The opposition was overwhelmed in the election by a large majority bloc of Laborites and Group A ( the pro-labor general Zionists) which swept Dr. Weizmann into the Congress presidency.

Dr. Weizmann was greeted by a great ovation as he mounted the rostrum to assume the duties of his office. He announced that

a place in the praesidium would be kept open for Mizrachi should it decide to reconsider its action. Rabbi Brod made a second statement declaring that it would participate in the praesidium if its religious demands were met.