Palestine Pushes Anti-noise Drive
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Palestine Pushes Anti-noise Drive

Taking a leaf out of the notebook of Mayor La-Guardia of New York, the Holy Land has launched an anti-noise crusade.

Haifa, the Mediterranean seaport, is the latest city to join the drive with a municipal ordinance prohibiting the creating of a disturbance in the streets by the use of cud speakers and megaphones on pain of a twenty-five dollar fine.

Complaints of neighbors that the radio in the home is playing too loudly can also bring a fine, but the law entitles the radio owner to two weeks’ notice that his set is an annoyance before he can be haled into court.

The anti-noise campaign is going strong in Jerusalem. Loud speakers have been stilled in the Holy City by the prospect of a fine for disturbing the peace. Tel Aviv has also adopted ordinances banning excessive noises.