Palestine Labor Conference Makes Proposals for Warding off “crisis”
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Palestine Labor Conference Makes Proposals for Warding off “crisis”

Proposals for warding off an “impending crisis” in Palestine were made today in a series of resolutions adopted by representatives of the 89,000 members of the Histadruth Haovdim, general federation of labor in the Holy Land, at its thirty-third conference here.

The chief demands were for maintenance of the wage scale, intensified use of Palestine products and a program of public works. It was announced that a $1,250,000 housing program would shortly be launched with the cooperation of the Jewish Agency for Palestine.

The conference also demanded strengthening of the organization’s unemployment fund, which was reported as totalling $175,000.

The delegates heard Mr. Abramowich, a left-wing Laborite leader, denounce the Communist International, charging that it was utilizing Palestine’s economic situation to foment dissension in the ranks of labor.

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