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Many Arrested As Vienna Anti-Semites Clash with Heimwehr

Many persons were arrested yesterday when competing demonstrations held by 20,000 members of the anti-Semitic Freiheitsbund and 1,000 non-uniformed members of the Fascist Heimwehr resulted in several fist fights.

Led by Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg, the Freiheitsbund members paraded through the streets in a demonstration that had been called against the Jews. Anti-Jewish speeches were omitted, however, supposedly at Chancellor Schuschnigg’s request.

The Heimwehr members gathered at the Kaisergarten and derided Schuschnigg’s "private army," which is composed largely of Catholics and democratically inclined workers.

Hundreds of thousands of anti-Semitic leaflets were scattered on the streets of Vienna by the Freiheitsbund the day before the demonstration.