Arson Wave Takes Huge Toll in Polish District
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Arson Wave Takes Huge Toll in Polish District

A wave of anti-Jewish arson spread yesterday through towns and villages of the Wolyn district in Eastern Poland, taking heavy toll in property. No arrests were made.

Twenty-five Jewish houses were fired in the township of Derazhne near Rovno. Simultaneously, eight Jewish houses in neighboring villages were razed by blazes that left forty families homeless. Rabbi Senderel Enter of Derazhne issued an urgent appeal for their relief.

Jewish homes were also burned down in the villages of Yakevitche, Podluzhne, Berestowitz and Kartchvola. A serious explosion was narrowly averted in the Jewish township of Kostopol last night when a fire set to a gasoline station was extinguished.

Arson reports from other localities in the Wolyn district continued to reach Warsaw.