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Reich Jews to Be Taxed for Support of “ghetto” Cultural Groups

Special taxation of wealthy German-Jews for the maintenance of Jewish cultural “ghetto” institutions was indicated last night by Hans Hinkel, Nazi commissar for “non-Aryan” culture. He addressed the closing session of the Jewish cultural unions. Previously Hinkel praised the work of the unions as possessing “a specific nationalistic mission.”

“We still have plenty of rich Jews in the Reich,” said the Nazi leader, “whom we can compel to take care of Jewish cultural activities.”

Instructions were issued forbidding “Aryans” from attending the art and literary exhibition sponsored by the unions as part of Jewish Cultural Week. Authorities also banned any advertising or street placards of the event.

A public reception in connection with the exhibition planned for M.M. Ussishkin, president of the Jewish National Fund, was cancelled when it was reported that the Zionist leader had been denied a German visa.