Swift Disarming of Arabs Urged at Zionist Parley
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Swift Disarming of Arabs Urged at Zionist Parley

David Ben-Gurion, chairman of the Palestine Executive of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, today told a special political committee of the World Zionist Organization’s General Council that it was urgently necessary to fight for immediate disarming of the Arabs.

Reviewing developments since the General Council’s meeting in Zurich, Switzerland, last August, he emphasized two political dangers to the Zionist cause — the hazards arising from the intervention of foreign Arab rulers in the ending of the Arab general strike and the possibility of Great Britain’s halting Jewish immigration into Palestine.

The meeting was opened by Menachem M. Ussishkin, chairman of the committee, who eulogized Meier Dizengoff, late mayor of Tel Aviv, and paid tribute to the Jews who have fallen in current disorders. The committee comprises 19 Palestine members of the General Council appointed in Zurich to act on political issues.

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