Polish Bishop Holds Anti-semitism is Anti-christian
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Polish Bishop Holds Anti-semitism is Anti-christian

Anti-Semitism is anti-Christianity, declared the Greek-Catholic Bishop of Lemberg, Dr. Jan Butchko, in a recent interview with Chwila, Lemberg Jewish newspaper.

“The fight against anti-Semitism is a fight for the defense of Christianity,” he stated. “I personally warn all the faithful in my sermons against anti-Semitism.”

The Polish cleric condemned “the barbarous attacks on the sorely-tried Jewish inhabitants of the villages” in Eastern Galicia and charged that the terrorism had been “organized by anti-Semitic agitators.”

“The villagers who are themselves poor,” he added, “are really very good-natured. I hope that the relations between the peasants and the Jews will improve and that both will live together in friendship and peace.”