Melchett Asks Nations to Sponsor Mass Migration to Palestine
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Melchett Asks Nations to Sponsor Mass Migration to Palestine

Lord Melchett, British industrialist, proposed today a mass transfer of Jews from Europe to Palestine and Transjordan as matter of joint European policy to abate anti-Semitic agitation.

In an article in the Sunday Chronicle, he suggested that an international clearing house be set up under the auspices of the League of Nations with a League loan to facilitate the emigration.

“It is no exaggeration to say if a major scheme of Jewish migration were announced as a matter of joint European policy, approved and supported by the League of Nations, there would at once be an abatement in anti-Semitic agitation, ” Lord Melchett said.

He declared he looked forward to the day when Palestine and Transjordan, now administered separately by Great Britain, would become a single political entity, self-governing within the British Empire.

The Jewish industrialist proposed parity between Jews and Arabs on condition that the Arabs accept the Jewish claim to a national home in Palestine. He urged establishment of a Jewish self-defense corps, armed, trained and uniformed by the Palestine Government and commanded by British soldiers.