Blum Emerges from Rightist Assault with New Honors
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Blum Emerges from Rightist Assault with New Honors

Premier Leon Blum was accounted today in a stronger position than ever since his accession last June following one of the stormiest Chamber of Deputies sessions in history, during which he was called “a dirty Jew” by a Nationalist deputy.

The invective was hurled at the Premier as he mounted the rostrum to defend Minister of the Interior Roger Salengro against charges that he deserted to the Germans in the World War. A vote of confidence in Premier Blum, 374 to 201, following a 427 to 103 vote against the Nationalist demand that a jury of honor be established to pass on Mr. Salengro’s case, restored peace and reaffirmed the premier’s strong hold on the Chamber.

M. Blum’s restraint and masterly handling of an extremely difficult situation brought praise from many quarters.

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