Petrie, 83, Continues Excavations at North Sinai
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Petrie, 83, Continues Excavations at North Sinai

Sir Flinders Petrie, the “grand old man” of Palestinian archaeology, has returned to North Sinai for his third season of excavation on that fruitful site which has turned up considerable important discoveries.

The 85-year-old scientist, accompanied by Lady Petrie, his wife and co-worker, and two students, set out in their old green motor bus to the camp of the British School of Egyptian Archaeology near Gaza, whence they were to travel over sand dunes to their site.

Several other students will join the party later. The work will continue past January with the staff working without nais (foremen). The sacred Moslem month of Ramadan will be observed by permitting the diggers a reduction in working hours.

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