Fascist Paper Renews Attack on Jews; Hits at Blum
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Fascist Paper Renews Attack on Jews; Hits at Blum

Foreign observers here expressed the belief today that attacks against Leon Blum, Jewish premier of France, will increase in the Italian press, emboldened as a result of the Anglo-Italian accord which has left Italy a freer hand to deal with France.

The belief is supported by a renewal of anti-Jewish attacks in Il Regime Fascista of Cremona, which was among the first Italian newspapers to publish anti-Semitic editorials.

The latest attack is based on a report that a Catholic procession was prohibited in France. An editorial attributes the prohibition to France’s present leadership.

“Such incidents are possible,” it declares, “only in countries ruled by Jews and Freemasons.”

Considerable speculation has been aroused as to why anti-Jewish propaganda has been chosen by the Fascist press as a means to attack the French Government.