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Alfred Adler, Noted Psychologist, Dies in Aberdeen at 67

Dr. Alfred Adler, renowned Viennese psychologist who spent considerable time in the United States, died suddenly today while taking a walk. Here to deliver a series of lectures, Dr. Adler collapsed on one of the city’s main thoroughfares. He was 67 years old.

Dr. Adler, who was born in a Vienna suburb of poor Jewish parents, was known as the father of “individual psychology.” He is reputed to have coined such famous expressions as “inferiority complex.” He was the author of many books on educational reform.

Followers of the psychologist, who is regarded as having much in common with Prof. Sigmund Freud, hailed him as the prototype of the “philosophical physician” and the “social genius of our times.”

Among his most popular books in America were “Education of Children,” “Understanding Human Nature,” and “What Life Should Mean to You.”