Japan Bans Palestine Fund Drive; Nazi Propaganda Seen Cause
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Japan Bans Palestine Fund Drive; Nazi Propaganda Seen Cause

The police today banned fund collections for Palestine because Jewish leaders had allegedly failed to produce convincing proof that the money would not be sent to Moscow for use of the Comintern.

Leaders of the United Palestine Campaign, which is being conducted by Tokio and Yokohama Jewish communities, were invited to the foreign division of police headquarters and asked to submit proof the money collected for Palestine purposes would not be diverted to Moscow.

According to the authorities, the proof adduced by the Jewish leaders was not convincing and the ban on the collections followed.

This is the first time on record that the Japanese police have expressed non-confidence in well-known members of the foreign Jewish colony, which includes representatives of foreign consulates and important commercial houses.

The action is believed directly the result of Nazi anti-Jewish agitation which has flooded Japan since conclusion of the Germany-Japan anti-Soviet pact and which has succeeded in making the Japanese authorities deeply suspicious of Jews.