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Ort Continuing Negotiations with Soviet for New Agreement

In connection with the report (JTA NEWS Jan. 3) that the Soviet Government may not continue its agreement with the ORT in Russia, thus possibly terminating Ort activities there, Dr. David Lvovitch, vice-president of the World ORT Union, issued the following statement today:

“The ORT activities in Soviet Russia have always been conducted on the basis of an agreement with the Soviet Government. The last agreement embraced a working period of five years, namely, from 1928 to 1933, which was later extended for an additional five years, to 1938. Before the end of 1937, the ORT submitted to the Soviet Government a new but smaller working program for the coming years. This program is still in the process of negotiations between the ORT and the Soviet Government. It is therefore impossible to say, at this time, whether and when our program will be accepted or changed by the Soviet Government.