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J.l. Starkey, British Archaeologist, Slain by Bandits; Jew, Arab Policeman Shot

Professor J.L. Starkey, head of the British Welcome Archaeological Expedition in Palestine, was slain today by Arab bandits who halted his car near Hebron, forced him to alight and then shot him in the back.

The attack occurred near Beit Jibrin while the noted Archaeologist was proceeding from Hebron to Tel-el-Weir, site of the Biblical city of Lachish, where his expedition has been carrying on important excavations. He had been in Palestine several years, and reported notable discoveries in 1934 and 1935.

A Jew, Yochanan Mizrachi, 35, and an Arab policeman were shot and seriously wounded in the Old City quarter of Jerusalem. Continuing the campaign to stamp out terrorism, the authorities arrested twenty Arabs, including seven Bedouins, in Bethlehem. The Haifa military court sentenced an Arab, Mohammed Abdullah, to ten years’ imprisonment for possession of two bombs.