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3,440 Certificates Set As 6-month Entry Schedule; 440 for Christians

The Government today announced a six-month immigration schedule of 3,440 certificates, of which 3,000 are earmarked for Jews and the remainder for Christians.

The certificates for Jews are to be allotted in the proportion of 2,000 for capitalists possessing a minimum of $5,000 and 1,000 for laborers. In the latter category, 830 certificates will be distributed by the Jewish Agency for Palestine, with the remainder reserved for distribution by the Government Immigration Department.

Four hundred of the labor certificates are earmarked for use of chalutzim, pioneer youths in training for Palestine work, 250 for specialists, and 180 for holders of temporary visas who might otherwise be expelled. Two hundred and fifty certificates are reserved for dependents.

Of the certificates for Christians, 20 are for capitalists, 150 for laborers, 50 for dependants, ten for pension holders, ten for orphans, and 200 for clergymen.