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Lodz Textile Firms Shut off Credit to Danzig Houses over Anti-Jewish Signs

Textile firms comprising nearly the entire industry in the city of Lodz today served notice on Danzig concerns that they had terminated credit relations with them because of discriminations against Jews.

Circulars mailed by the Lodz firms to their Danzig customers declared resumption of credit was impossible until signs announcing that "Jews are not wanted" were removed from their shop windows. The signs, the circulars stated, prevented Jewish agents of the Lodz companies from calling upon the Danzig stores.

Similar action is expected to be taken by textile concerns in Warsaw, Krakow, Lwow and Tarnow.

The Sosnowiec district court yesterday sentenced two members of the anti-Semitic National Radical party to prison terms of three and two years respectively for burning a Jewish religious school student last February. The defendants were convicted of pouring gasoline on their victim and igniting it.