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Quebec Fascists Split; Arcand Aides Ousted for “insubordination”

The ranks of Quebec Fascism were split wide open today following expulsion by Fuehrer Adrien Arcand of two of his principal aides on charges of “insubordination.” The expelled assistants, J.E. Lessard and Dr. J.G. Lambert, who ranked respectively second and third in command of Arcand’s national social christian party, immediately announced formation of a rival group. They claimed most of the Arcand party’s uniformed fascists were on their side.

The ousted leaders had protested Arcand’s one-man rule, holding it contrary to accepted fascist principles as practiced in Italy which, they said, was governed by a Fascist Grand Council with the various department heads advising Il Duce.

Membership in the National Social Christian Party, which is violently anti-Semitic as well as Fascist, has been variously estimated from 20,000 to 150,000. A national convention is scheduled for June 30 at Kingston, Ontario.