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Mexican Labor Leader Denies Ctm is Anti-semitic; Charges Nazis Subsidize Propaganda

Charges that German Nazis conduct a Latin American espionage network and finance anti-Semitic propaganda in Mexican newspapers were made yesterday by Vincente Lombardo Toledano, secretary-general of the Mexican Federation of Labor (CTM), who also took occasion to deny that any section of the Mexican labor movement was anti-Semitic.

The German Government has a chain of Nazi espionage centers operating between Mexican and Latin-American points, with centers in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco the Mexican labor leader said. He declared a Latin-American federation of labor and an international conference against war and Fascism were proposed to offset Nazi propaganda against democracy.

Regarding anti-Semitism, Senor Lombardo Toledano said it was carried on systematically by certain conservative newspapers “which take money from the Nazis and which pose as friends of the workers.”

Denying reports that any section of Mexican labor was anti-Semitic he said that a small group of the artificial silk industry in Mexico Acted as “bootleggers” against the labor laws and that some of the employers in this industry were Jews.