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Italian Papers Ignore Evian Parley

The Italian press studiously ignores the Evian refugee conference, the sole reference to it being in the turn newspaper La Stampa which denounces the meeting as a “Jewish effort to arraign Hitlerism.” La Stampa asserts that considerable pressure is being brought against Great Britain to open the gates of Palestine and warns of the “impracticability” of increasing Jewish immigration.

After a two-month suspension, the anti-Semitic weekly Il Giornalissimo has reappeared, featuring an interview with col. Ulrich Fleischauer, Anti-Semitic Nazi publisher, who is in Rome conferring with leading anti-Semites, among them Giovanni Preziosi, editor of the Italian edition of the spurious “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” The paper’s reappearance is taken in many circles as a prelude to a revival of an anti-Semitic campaign by a large section of the Italian press.