Ottawa Paper Urges Jewish Settlement in Newfoundland
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Ottawa Paper Urges Jewish Settlement in Newfoundland

Settlement of Jewish refugees in Newfoundland is urged by the Ottawa Citizen in an editorial in connection with the recent Evian conference which says:

“Newfoundland would surely be a happier land than Palestine for hardly Jewish settlers from countries like Poland, where the winter is severe, as well as from Germany and Austria. Kenya has been mentioned as another possible colonial outlet for Europe’s exiles, but it is doubtful whether the former German colony would be free from nazi political influences. In the adjoining mandated territory of Tanganyika, an official inquiry is at present under way to get the facts about an alleged mass nazi salute given by Germans during the playing of the national anthem for the celebration of the King’s birthday last June.

“Newfoundland’s legislature has been closed, but it has never been suggested that Nazi doctrines were being substituted for political democracy. The people of Newfoundland need help to make the island resources more productive, particularly productive of more prosperous homes. Capital from outside could help, but it must be capital to build a better homeland more than merely to exploit the natural resources. An organized migration to new found land, to include educated and cultured Jewish families, up to the same high standard as the Jewish home builders in Palestine, could make the oldest British colony indeed a new found land of contentment and security.”

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