Anti-semitism Seen As World Danger by British Weekly
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Anti-semitism Seen As World Danger by British Weekly

Anti-Semitism as a world danger is discussed in a long leading article in Time and Tide, the non-party weekly owned by Lady Rhonda.

“Anti-Semitism,” the periodical states, “is an abomination to all free and civilized nations. It deserves — or, rather, it demands — the implacably hostile attention of all decent people, including those who are responsible for the foreign policies of Great Britain and France.”

The journal points out that anti-Semitism is spreading in proportion as German influence increases. Discussing Nazi anti-Semitic literature it states: “There is a horror about all anti-Semitic literature, a foulness, a thinly-veiled obscenity; a concentrated malice that cannot be hidden by any professions of objectivity (many anti-Semites claim that they are not anti-Semites at all, but merely ‘objective’).

“The shortcomings of the Jews are not the cause of anti-Semitism. On the contrary. It is their finer characteristics that incite a certain type of political blackguard to anti-Semitic emotion.”