Italian Cabinet Expected to Consider Anti-jewish Measures Today
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Italian Cabinet Expected to Consider Anti-jewish Measures Today

A meeting of the Italian Cabinet tomorrow, it was believed in informed circles here, will be devoted mainly to consideration of racialist and anti-Jewish measures implementing the Government’s new racial doctrine under which Italians are declared “Aryans” and Jews are put outside the Italian race.

Newspapers, meanwhile, continued to bombard the public with reports of the allegedly disproportionate share of Jews in the cultural, economic and public life of the nation. La Stampa of Turin asserts that among 75 professors at Turin University nine are Jews and that Jewish instructors teach 16 of 150 subjects in the school’s curriculum. The same paper declares there are four Jews among the eleven members of the national library Commission.

Il Popolo d’Italia of Milan, which was founded by Premier Benito Mussolini, reports there are 50 Jews among the 647 graduates of the Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences. Corriere Della Sera asserts that 2,000 of Milan’s 38,350 merchants are Jews.

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