Propose Admitting Doctors, Students to England
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Propose Admitting Doctors, Students to England

A resolution proposing that 50 medical students and 50 physicians from Austria and Germany be admitted into England annually for the next four years is included in the agenda of the General Council of the British trades Unions’ Congress, which opens in Blackpool next week.

The resolution is being opposed by the Medical practitioners’ Union, which has been active in opposing the government’s proposal to admit 500 refugee physicians. The general secretary of the union, which has 5,000 members, issued to the press a statement protesting against the inclusion of the resolution in the agenda.

The refugee physicians are “neither trade unionists nor Socialists and have no claim upon the trades Unions’ Congress other than that which any oppressed person may have,” the secretary said, warning against the probably effect of alien competition on the standard of British medicine.

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