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26 Tugboat Refugees, En Route to Palestine, Tell of 5-month Travail

The final chapter in one of the most pitiful episodes of Germany’s conquest of Austria was unfolded here today when a party of 26 Jewish refugees from the Burgenland province of Austria who had been marooned on a Tugboat on the Danube for five months arrived here en route to Palestine.

The party, which is sailing to find a new home in the Holy Land on the S.S. Romania was released from the boat Thursday when their immigration certificates arrived from Jerusalem. The exiles are penniless and showed traces of terrible hardship. They told harrowing tales of tribulations since their expulsion from their homes in the town of Kittsee last April.

They are the last of an original group of 61 exiles which was forced to live on the boat when no country would admit them. Others of the group are ill and interned in Hungarian hospitals. They are proceeding to America and Bolivia after their recovery.