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Salvapori, Jailed As Anti-fascist in Italy, Here for Talks on Rome’s Race Policy

Dr. Massimo Salvadori, an expert on Italy, who served a year in an Italian prison for helping to lead a secret organization for democracy and subsequently observed the wars in Ethiopia and Spain, will give a series of lectures on “anti-Semitism in Italy,” “Italian and Arab in the near east” and other aspects of the fascist regime, under the auspices of the league for fair play.

Son of Count Guglielmo Salvadori Paleotti and grandson of the British Lord Monkswell, Jr. Salvadori grew up in the agricultural regions of Italy during the war and post-war period. He was for four years a leader of the secret organization, “Giustizia Elberta” (Justice and Liberty), which sought to reestablish democratic institutions in Italy, After serving a year in prison for his work, he went to East Africa to study colonial problems and was there during the Ethiopian war. He spent the summer of 1937 in Loyalist Spain. He has written three books and numerous magazine articles.