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Merger of Parties in Bohemia Spurs Anti-semitism; Jewish Party Reorganized

Determined to continue functioning as long as the law permits the Jewish Party of Czechoslovakia, today adjusted its organization to the five states which are in formation by the second republic. Separate sections, with their own administrative machines, have been set up by the party for bohemia, Slovakia and Carpal Russia. The reorganization coincides with the general reshaping of political organizations the country over.

Merging of four of Bohemia’s five largest parties foreshadows centralization of anti-Semitic strength, inasmuch as three of the four are definitely anti-Jewish.

Reports reaching here indicate that 2,000 to 3,000 Jews remaining in the German-occupied Sudeten territory have been generally unmolested. However, Jewish organizations have been entirely swept away. One rabbi is left in the whole of the occupied territory, comprising 25 to 30 Jewish communities. He holds services regularly in Teplitz and goes on circuit in cases of births and deaths.