Rublee Set to Go to Berlin Within Week; Experts Study Schacht Plan
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Rublee Set to Go to Berlin Within Week; Experts Study Schacht Plan

Departure of Director George Rublee of the Intergovernmental Refugee Bureau for Berlin within a week was held likely today following a conference of British, French, and Dutch financial experts with Mr. Rublee and his aides to study the Schacht proposals tying Jewish emigration to increased Reich exports.

(An Associated Press dispatch from Berlin said that Field Marshall Hermann Goering has invited Mr. Rublee to visit Berlin for negotiations on the emigration proposals, and Mr. Rublee accepted.)

Mr. Rublee informed the experts of the United States Government’s attitude, which was considered extensively during discussions on whether the Schacht plan holds out a basis for further negotiations. The experts, however, were unable to commit their governments.

It was reported in City circles that the German attitude had weakened very considerably and that the Nazis were most anxious not to break off negotiations at this stage. Consequently, the Germans were said by the financial quarters to be apparently willing to make further concessions on emigration to insure that the negotiations continue.

Meanwhile, strong criticism of the scheme continues to be manifested here in circles of all complexions. In Commons yesterday Laborite Dalton denounced the Schacht proposal as “impudent.”