Bias Against Jewish Doctors Hurts Reich, Poland Says A.m.a.
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Bias Against Jewish Doctors Hurts Reich, Poland Says A.m.a.

Discrimination against Jewish physicians in Germany and Poland handicaps the supplying of sufficient medical care in these countries, the Journal of the American Medical Association reports in its current issue.

The journal’s Berlin correspondent reports: “That actually a definite lack of physicians has resulted from the suppression, since Oct. I, of Jewish doctors is evidenced by the recent establishment of ‘policlinic treatment centers’ at seventeen municipal clinics of Berlin. These centers are designed for exclusive use of sickness insurance clubs and patients referred by the social service agencies; in other words, just those groups which are usually treated by the penal practitioners.”

The Polish correspondent, reporting that anti-Semitic students in several cities, protested against the Government’s proposal to establish a medical school in Lodz on the ground it would increase the percentage of Jews in the Medical profession, declared that the anti-Semites’ protest was held by democratic groups to be a handicap in supplying sufficient medical aid to the country. The building of the Medical school will begin shortly, with the financial support of a group of Jewish philanthropists in Lodz.

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