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Italy Backs Germany

Italy stands behind Germany in its current grave dispute with the United States, Giornale d’Italia said today. Speculation on the motives of the United States’ attacks on the Reich, the newspaper charged that the United States was the first country to adopt a “racial” policy. It attributed the American Actions to Jewish influence and Washington’s desire to screen moves for new coalitions designed to defend individual interests by evoking non-existent dangers.

IL Regime Fascista declared editorially that the award of A gold medal by the American Hebrew to President Roosevelt” Eloquently shows the direction of American politics and again confirms the close connection between the Washington Government and international Jewry.” The editorial added that “we know of other members of the American Government who are worthy of such an honor.”

The paper also featured a Philadelphia report that the Franklin Institute possessed, but refused to make public, papers by Charles Pinckney purporting to reveal Benjamin Franklin’s belief that the Jews were a menace to America. (The Franklin Institute denies the existence of any such papers. The alleged statement by Franklin has been frequently discredited as a complete and baseless forgery originated by a German Nazi anti-Semitic news service.)