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Reich Experts Map New Emigration Conditions

Experts of the Finance, Economics and Interior ministries continued today their labors on a memorandum embodying the new conditions set by the Nazis for assisting Jewish emigration. The memorandum, which will be drawn up under the direction of Dr. Karl Blessing, a director of the Reichsbank, who was understood to have framed the new proposals and submitted them to Chancellor Adolf Hitler, are expected to be put before George Rublee, director of the Intergovernmental Refugee Bureau, within a few days.

No contact has been established so far with Jewish organizations. Such contact is expected only if the principles of the agreement are accepted both by the Nazis and the Intergovernmental Committee delegation.

Meanwhile, Der Angriff, organ of Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, under the headline, “London Protests Against Jewish Immigration,” asserted that the Fascist demonstrations against Jews last weekend showed that the Jewish problem was becoming “an actual political and economic question in England.” The paper asserted that the demonstrators were not restricted to Fascists but represented the English masses.