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Coughlin Talks Stirred Race, Religious Prejudice, Ohio Clergyman Contends

Father Charles E. Coughlin’s radio talks have increased anti-Semitism and “caused a decided backlash of anti-Catholic prejudice in America, according to the Rev. Walton E. Cole of Toledo, Ohio, a student of propaganda technique. Addressing the Institute of Arts and Sciences at Columbia University Friday night; Mr. Cole asserted the “radio priest” was a propagandist and an “impassioned debater” rather than an analytical student.

He cited Father Coughlin’s use of Nazi-supplied sources in linking Jews with Communism and added: “My experiences in speaking before forum audiences. . . . and in conversing with many people of various religions. . . . convinces me that the effect of Father Coughlin’s addresses last fall was to stir up race and religious prejudices. They not only increased anti-Semitism in America, but they have also caused a decided backlash of anti-Catholic prejudice.”