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Educator Urges 10-year Ban on Immigration with 90% Cut in Quotas to Follow

Suspension of immigration to the United States for ten years and reduction of the quotas permanently by 90 per cent are advocated by Col. Samuel Harden Church, president of Carnegie Institute, in the current issue of “Carnegie Magazine,” of which he is editor.

“It is high time,” Col. Church declares, “that the citizenship of the United States be compacted. Undiscriminating hospitality has borne its natural fruit. Today we are witnessing the frequent gatherings of men and women who without compunction violate the right of assembly and free speech to unfurl their foreign flags and advocate the substitution of Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Socialism and even Nihilism for the republican form of government. Congress is viewing with favor demands for restriction of immigration and the opportunity is now presented for tightening up the whole mass of our citizenship.”