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Nazi Pastors Demand Intensified War on Jews; Hit Archbishop of Canterbury

Eleven Bishops and presidents of Lutheran and Evangelical Synods today issued a protest against the Archbishop of Canterbury’s recent statement calling for common action of all Christian churches against the German menace. They countered with a program proposing “German Christian” action against the Jews and pledging unqualified support to Chancellor Adolf Hitler in his campaign with an ever-expanding Reich.

The Protestant leaders, spokesmen and German churches more or less closely identified with Nazi principles, accused the Primate of England of being allied with Moscow. They affirmed their solidarity with the aims of the “Fuehrer of all the Germans,” and outlined “principles of positive Christianity” which includes a statement that “the Christian faith is defined by an irremediable religious opposition to Jewry,” and calls for “establishment of an institute for ascertaining and wiping out Jewish influence on the Church life of the German people.”