Gestapo Enlists Czech Jewish Doctors for Posts in Germany
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Gestapo Enlists Czech Jewish Doctors for Posts in Germany

Jewish physicians, in addition to engineers and chemists, are being wooed by the Gestapo for posts in Germany, it was reliably learned today from Prague. Some, after a three-day period of reflection granted by the Gestapo, are refusing the offers.

The Chamber of Engineers, after discovering that 95 engineers of Jewish origin were still on the membership rolls, has applied to the district governors of Bruenn and Prague to deprive them of their titles. The chamber also asked the Government to include in the anti-Jewish law provisions for restrictions against “non-Aryan” engineers similar to those affecting doctors and lawyers.

A self-aid association of Jewish refugees from former Czecho-Slovakia, which will cooperate with existing refugee aid organizations, has been formed here under the chairmanship of Leo Hermann, of Jerusalem, director of the Jewish National Fund.

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