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Rumania Puts Special Tax on Jews Deprived of Citizenship

A special tax ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 lei annually has been imposed upon denaturalized Jews under a decree, made public today, regulating the status of Jews deprived of their citizenship in the revision of Rumanian citizenship lists. No such tax is levied on foreigners residing in Rumania. While other taxes are payable in installments, the tax authorities have demanded that this special levy be paid in full at the time it falls due.

Dr. William Filderman, Rumanian Jewish leader, cited the discriminatory character of the tax in a memorandum to the Government. He said it was being imposed upon many ex-servicemen who had participated in the Wars of Liberation, while former and possibly future enemies of the nation were exempt. He demanded exemption of those producing certificates of impoverishment and deferred payments for others.