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Nazis Financing Anti Refugee Propaganda, Schiff Charges

Charges that the Nazis were spending large sums in England to spread lies about refugees and to persuade people that their admission would result in ousting natives from jobs were made here today by Otto M. Schiff, president of the German Refugees’ Committee.

Mr. Schiff, who presided at the opening of Britain’s first home for aged refugees, assailed as “typically mean, despicable and vicious” the Nazi action in driving Jews out of the Reich and then campaigning to make their admission to other countries impossible.

Mr. Schiff revealed that refugee headquarters in London received 18,000 letters weekly and 2,000 daily visits. He paid tribute to the Home Office’s human spirit and quoted Sir Samuel Hoare, Home Secretary, as stating: “I can’t tell you how horrified I am as a Christian at these cruelties.”