Adult Education Projects in Synagogues Rise, Rabbinical Assembly Told
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Adult Education Projects in Synagogues Rise, Rabbinical Assembly Told

Increase in adult Jewish education projects in synagogues throughout the country was reported to the 39th annual convention of the Rabbinical Assembly of American today by Rabbi Leon S. Lang of Newark. Rabbi Lang said a survey of 109 congregations showed that 25,000 men and women were enrolled in 265 projects. He urged compilation of more textbooks for Bible, Hebrew studies, Jewish history and Jewish education of children.

In an address to the convention yesterday, Rabbi Solomon Goldman of Chicago asserted that anti-Semitism was not a “major evil” in this country but was being exploited by all organizations. Criticizing weaknesses of the rabbinate and some synagogue practices, he said that only synagogues rooted in all of the Jewish past, resisting the “superficialities and vulgarities” of environment could preserve and nourish American Judaism. He declared that the strength of Palestine also lay in the strength of the American synagogue.

The report of the Assembly Committee on Refugee Rabbis, read by Rabbi Herbert Parzen of Freeport, L.I., revealed that an office for the affairs of refugee rabbis has been established under Rabbi Alexander Burnstein and that special classes in English and in American institutions have been initiated at the Jewish Theological Seminary.

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