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4,000 Foreign Jews in Italy Seek Escape to France or Switzerland

Intense anxiety among the nearly 4,000 foreign Jews in Italy because of the international crisis led today to spurring of efforts to escape to France or Switzerland. Reports from frontier points indicated that at least 500 Jews were concentrated there awaiting an opportunity to cross the frontier, but their attempts were made extremely difficult by the vigorous border control.

Most of those attempting to cross the frontier were refugees from Germany who were living in Milan. Some of them were understood to have arrived in Italy with the express aim of attempting to enter France, such entry being apparently less difficult than from Germany.

Italian Jews intending to emigrate were also seeking to speed up their departure wherever possible. More than 100 left on the Italian liner Conte di Savoia on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the agricultural training center at Allano sul Piauve, near Padova, which was preparing Jewish youths for emigration to Palestine, was winding up its affairs as result of the closing of the Jewish Refugee Committee which maintained the center.