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Poale-zionist Parley Backs American Jewish Congress on Refugee-aid and Defense Programs

Support of the American Jewish Congress in its programs for refugee-aid and defense of Jewish rights was voted today by 200 delegates to the concluding session of the 23rd convention of the Poale Zion-Zeire Zion, laborite Zionist organization. The vote followed an all-day controversy behind closed doors revolving around the organization’s future affiliation with the Jewish Labor Committee. A national referendum will decide the issue at a later date.

Resolutions adopted by the conference approved intensification of the United Palestine Appeal and other national campaigns, the sale of additional shares in the Palestine Workers’ Bank, and wider distribution of Palestine-made products in the United States in cooperation with other Zionist groups. A $50,000 grant was voted to complete the Leon Blum colony, names for the former French Premier, in Palestine. It was also decided to create additional folk schools, whose number now totals 55. David Wertheim was unanimously re-elected to his fourth term as national secretary and head of the central committee.