Italy Exempts 2,801 from Racial Legislation

The Interior Ministry states that 2,801 Jews have been granted exemption from racial legislation for services to the fatherland. Other applications for exception, making a total of 8,641, are under consideration.

Exemptions are granted on the following grounds: (1) Families having members killed in the Libyan, World, Ethiopian and Spanish wars and in service for the Fascist cause; (2) Soldiers mutilated or invalided in the above wars, volunteers and holders of military distinctions; (3) Persons who were members of the Fascist Party before the end of 1924; (4) Members of the Fiume Legion; (5) Persons who rendered exceptional service to Italy; (6) Parents and close relatives of Jews in the above categories.

It is estimated that half of the Italian Jews fall in the above categories, but a considerable proportion refrained from applying for exemption.