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Life of Jews in Soviet Told in Many Yiddish Pamphlets Published for New Areas

The Soviet occupation of the densely-populated Jewish districts of Western Ukraine and White Russia has caused an unprecedented output of books, leaflets and posters in the Yiddish language describing the life of the Jews in the Soviet Union.

The Ukrainian State Publishing House is also issuing 30 pamphlets written by Itsik Feffer, David Hofstein, A. Kahan, Chaim Gildin and many other Jewish writers. A number of pamphlets are devoted to the question of new professions opened for Jews. The booklets will be published in 150,000 copies each.

The Ukrainian State Publishing House is also issuing 14 different Yiddish pamphlets in connection with the forthcoming elections in local soviets throughout the Ukraine. The pamphlets deal with the Soviet Constitution, election procedure and the role of the intelligentsia.

The campaigns against the Zionist Organization and the Bund (Polish Jewish labor party) continue unabated in the Yiddish press. An article in Der Stern accuses Zionists of encouraging and aiding Col. Josef Beck, former Polish Foreign Minister, in his mission rid of a superfluous million Polish