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Nazis Agree to Non-racial Red Cross Relief in Poland, but Withhold Supervision Permit

The German authorities have agreed to permit distribution of American Red Cross supplies in Poland without racial or religious discrimination but have not yet authorized a Red Cross representative to oversee the distribution, it was announced today.

The Red Cross is now preparing to send medical supplies and clothing valued at $250,000 into Nazi-dominated Poland as part of a relief program which is expected to cost $1,000,000.

A cable from James T. Nicholson, Red Cross representative now in Berlin, said the Germans had agreed to permit distribution of the supplies without discrimination and to allow a Red Cross representative to oversee shipment of the supplies from Berlin.

The fact that the Nazis have not yet agreed to allow a Red Cross representative to oversee the distribution in Poland is an important point, according to United States Government officials, who expressed fears that little if any of the supplies would reach opponents of the Nazi regime unless the Red Cross was insistent on this point. Whether the Red Cross would insist on complete supervision of the distribution before embarking on large-scale relief in Poland remained in doubt today.

Thus far, contributions for Polish relief received by the Red Cross total $229,000. The remainder of the anticipated $1,000,000 requirements will be expended from the Disaster Relief Fund. The most pressing need, the Red Cross said, is for typhus serum and other vaccines in Warsaw. There is a tremendous need for new hospital equipment in Warsaw, also, because so many of the hospitals were blasted by bombs and shells during the siege. Reports reaching the Red Cross here are that only five per cent of Warsaw’s houses remain undamaged and intact and that 30 per cent of the habitations have been completely demolished.

Besides medical supplies, the Red Cross intends to send blankets and warm clothing into Poland. Thus far the only Red Cross aid allowed by the Germans in Poland has been medical supplies valued at $25,000 for Polish war wounded.