Dominican Project Lauded by Mrs. Roosevelt in ‘my Day’
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Dominican Project Lauded by Mrs. Roosevelt in ‘my Day’

Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt declares in her syndicated column, “My Day,” that the Dominican Republic colonization plan “lightens the picture” of the refugees’ plight.

“That item about the 1,600 Polish refugees who have been wandering from country to country and are now finally interned in Palestine seems to me one of the saddest of tales,” Mrs. Roosevelt says. “The only thing that lightens the picture is the other news item, that Santo Domingo may consider taking in some of these homeless people.

“A story was told to me today of a man who was trying to become an American citizen, but who cannot state his present nationality, for he was born in a country which has changed hands in the last few years and he is no longer a citizen of either of the nations. His wife and child are citizens of the United States and he is temporarily a ‘man without a country.'”

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